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Anthony Coache 

Master student in Statistics

I am currently a Master Student in Mathematics, Concentration in Statistics at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM) advised by Prof. François Watier and Prof. René Ferland. I graduated with Honours from the B. Sc. in Mathematics, Concentration in Statistics from UQÀM in 2017. I have a strong background in mathematics and programming.

I am a teaching assistant for statistics and mathematics courses and private tutor for several mathematics courses.

I am currently co-organizing the Statistics Student Summit in Montreal to be held on March 15, 2019.

Research interests

I am interested in multidisciplinary problems at the intersection of statistics and computer science. More specifically, my research interests are in stochastic modelling, optimization, machine learning, applied statistics and computer science.



  • Binette, O. & Coache, A. The Significance of the Adjusted R Squared. (Bio)Statistics Research Day, Montréal. September 21, 2018. [Poster]

  • Coache, A. & Larose, F. “Do schools kill creativity?” Well, they help analyse popularity! Annual Meeting of the SSC, Montréal. June 4, 2018. [Poster]

  • Ferland, R., Froda, S. & Coache, A. Comparison of surveillance flu data across regions. Annual Meeting of the SSC, Winnipeg. June 12, 2017. [Poster]



  • Probability and Statistics Student Seminar - UQAM: Non-Parametric Estimation of the Quantile Function. Montréal. July 13, 2017.


Cellphone: (514)-946-9661

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